Three (3) Core Components of Our Professional training Services

1. Two to Three Day Cognitive Therapy Clinical Training Workshop - The content of the workshop is based on Dr. Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy approach to understanding targeted clientele. The presentation format includes videotapes, case conceptualization, a case demonstration, skills practice, exercises, and role play, among other offerings. One to five day training workshops are also available, and designed to serve the needs of individual organizations.
2. Coaching/Supervision - Our clinical supervisors provide regular individual and/or group supervision of case work. Coaching of CBT groups is also offered. The main objective is to facilitate agencies to incorporate CBT into their services to meet the specific needs of their target populations. The number of supervision and/or coaching sessions varies with the needs of the organization.

I. Coaching -
Two trainees pair up with our trainer to run a therapeutic group, with 10 three-hour sessions per group. After the completion of each group session, our trainer gives a 30-minute debriefing. Through this mode of teaching, trainees can learn group facilitation skills, Socratic questioning skills, scaling technique, how to help group members to understand their automatic negative thoughts and identify and modify their beliefs, behavioral strategies and how to use the CBT framework to understand clients, among other competencies.

II. Supervision -
Individual and / or group supervision is provided. In the case of group supervision, there is a limit of 12 trainees per supervision group. Each trainee is expected to take turns to bring his or her case forward for group supervision. Our trainer facilitates trainees to perform case conceptualization, and to develop cognitive and behavioral strategies to deal with the case. Trainees are expected to learn how to set an agenda, do mood checks, complete homework assignments, and devise behavioral and cognitive strategies.
3. Clinical Research - We facilitate the development and implementation of clinical research to evaluate client outcomes through the counseling performed by our trainees in their organization. Both process and outcome evaluation are emphasized. Data are shared between the agency and the Institute. Questionnaire and data analysis designs are provided.

* Agencies can choose one or more core components to match their service development needs.

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