Pathways to Becoming a Cognitive Therapist

Upon completion of the training, the graduate has fulfilled part of the certification requirements set by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, which include 40 hours of clinical training and at least 10 hours of clinical supervision.

* For further enquiries about certification, please contact the Institute or go to visit for the details.
Hong Kong:

Pre-requisitions for Certified Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner (CCBP)
An applicant must have
1) attended our level I and level II training or acquire the equivalent training from other organization.
2) 250 clinical practice hours, which includes

150 hours of clinical related works that have been performed by the candidate and recognized by the Assessment Board. Activities may include: practicums conducted in previous studies, relevant conference, workshop or lecture attendance and clinical training attended or performed

b) 60 hours of CBT group supervision
(covered by the level I and II training of ICT)

c) 40 hours of CBT individual supervision
(covered by the level I and II training of ICT)

The examination composes :
1) Writing a case conceptualization
(to be examined by 2 reviewers)

2) Submitting a tape of a session of an interview
(to be examined by 2 reviewers)

  Examination Fee : $2,000

Qualifications of a Reviewer :

1) Local or overseas Cognitive Therapist / Certified Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner* or

2) With over five years of clinical practice of cognitive therapy* or

3) With related doctorate degree*


* The above reviewers are to be nominated by our Assessment Board and with the endorsement by the Board of Directors

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